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does anyone know any trusting survey websites where you get paid for taking surveys?

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i need some money soon because school is starting and i still need to get school supplies.

i hate bothering my parents. please help. =)

10 Answers

  1. CJ Mom on Feb 05, 2012

    Hi I have done paid surveys for a while and have been using this site http://www.mysurvey123.com which has free lists of legitimate paid survey sites with reviews and ratings, and articles of guide and advice/tips etc.

  2. plein_de_vie on Feb 05, 2012

    Try ciao (www.ciao.co.uk) you can get paid for doing both surveys reviews for products.

  3. Briley on Feb 05, 2012

    I remember those days when i almost get mad to find one free survey site that really pay us without charging a fee. The fact is that there are so many survey sites in internet who actually charges a registration fee. I tell you what, run as far as you can, if they ask you money to join their survey site. Any legimate survey site, will not ask you money to join them They actually have to pay us if we join them<!–some people do not understand this, and they pay and later they suffer and get frustrated. So is there really any Survey site that pays us? The Answer is, Yes. I am personally getting paid by a Survey site and please find the below website and register yourself for free,



    The best part is that, after you register and confirm the email sent, you will have a chance to win a car. The fun part is that they pay you money for playing games. And you get sometimes $50 for completing offers. Check out the offers area when you log in, you earn more. I personally get paid and you could trust them–>since they dont ask you any money, you could give a try, there is nothing to lose. I am sure you will be happy at the end of the week seeing money in your account. Have a great day ahead…!

  4. kylarasanra on Feb 05, 2012

    I’ve taken surveys through mysurvey.com, greenfieldonline.com, and npdor.com. I like mysurvey.com the best because as you accumulate points from taking surveys, you can redeem them for cash. The others just give you a chance to win cash or other prizes. Occasionally, Greenfield has paid surveys, but they are only a couple dollars each. Over time, I’ve gotten $60 from MySurvey BUT it took a long time. I’ve never found any survey sites where you can get a lot of money quickly. Unfortunately, I don’t think surveys will help you get the money in the time you need it.

  5. jane on Feb 05, 2012

    a few good sites are surveyspot or american consumer opinion

  6. Mkate on Feb 05, 2012

    I just joined cash crate today and so far I’ve made $7.60.
    You can make $100′s of dollars every month using the site.
    Basically you get a spam email address & complete the offers for $0.50&up. Then they send you a check once you get up to $10 or more. The 50 cents can really add up. Like I said, I’ve made almost $8 my first day. To sign up go here:
    http://cash crate.com/697502

    To get some tips on how to make more using the site go here:
    http://forums.cash crate.com/showthread.php?t=4488

    Good luck :]
    Take the spaces out of cash & crate when you’re copy/pasting the links into the address bar.

  7. James on Feb 05, 2012


    I would recommend taking a look here:


    It’s an excellent guide and have reviews to help you get started.

  8. cashing on Feb 05, 2012

    Try <http://earn-cash-today.com/paid-survey
    Good luck!

  9. lefty on Feb 05, 2012

    Hey grasp. I’ve done surveys for some time now and created a site that has everything I know about free online surveys. It has videos tutorial, legit survey sites that have paid me along with proof of payment, and contact info if you want more guidance or have questions.



  10. HelCor on Feb 05, 2012

    I’m a member of this site. It’s called cashcrate and its very good. You can make anywhere from $10-$1,000 a month, or even more if you’re very commited to it.

    All you have to do is complete surveys and free offers. It also has a great referral system.


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